International Congress of the AIDP to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2014

The Executive Committee voted in Paris in June to hold the 2014 International Congress of the AIDP in Rio de Janeiro. The theme will be “Information Society and Penal Law.” The dates are August 31 to Sep. 6, 2014. All current members are invited to attend and vote on General Assembly resolutions. Our own Prof. Emilio Viano will serve as the General Rapporteur for Section II on Cybercrime Legislative and Legal Concepts.

There are four preparatory conferences and the U.S. has appointed rapporteurs for each conference:

  • Section 1 (meeting in Verona) = Michael Scharf;
  • Section II (meeting in Moscow) = Raneta Mack;
  • Section III (meeting in Turkey) = Stephen Thaman;
  • Section IV (meeting in Helsinki) = Bruce Zagaris.

More information can be found here.